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Dr. Sarraf kairos digital dental labKairos is owned and operated by Keivan Sarraf, DDS, Inc. Dr. Keivan Sarraf grew up in Los Angeles and attended UCLA where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in 1996. He graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors and Phi Beta Kappa. After completing his undergraduate studies, he entered dental school at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery in New York. After receiving his DDS degree in 2003, he completed a one year residency in general dentistry at University Medical Center in Fresno, CA. Dr. Sarraf then attended New York University for his orthodontic training and specialty certificate in orthodontics.

After working a number of years as an associate at various dental offices, Dr. Sarraf opened and started Total Care Dental & Orthodontics, a multi-specialty dental group, in 2008. As the office grew and sprouted a second and then a third location, quality dental lab products remained a particularly difficult problem for his offices. His frustrations with inconsistent lab products and poor quality work led him to purchase Kairos Dental Lab in 2015. His main objective in acquiring the lab was to develop a lab that would produce consistent, high quality dental lab products that he could take pride in when delivering cases to his very own patients at Total Care Dental & Orthodontics.

Kairos is unlike other dental labs owned and operated by technicians and/or business groups whose only focus is the bottom line. Kairos understands and appreciates that we make products for patients. Our patient's lives and their oral health come first and we place that priority above all else. Moreover, Kairos treats every case as if it were being made for a family member. If we feel that a case doesn’t merit the quality and standards we would demand for one of our family members, it doesn’t get shipped. Those are the value instilled at Kairos by Dr. Sarraf, a dentist, clinician and client of Kairos.

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Kairos is committed to providing the highest quality dental laboratory products possible.