All-Ceramic Restorations

Kairos Dental Lab has the perfect all ceramic solution for any region or indication. From posterior bridges and crowns to anterior veneers in the esthetic zone, Kairos has you covered. Every all-ceramic restoration is hand stained and finished by expert technicians to provide brilliant esthetics and exceptional function. Each restoration undergoes numerous quality-control checkpoints before shipping to ensure every case seats effortlessly.

KZR® Solid

The KZR® Solid sets the standard for full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges. It is characterized by it strength and lifelike appearance. It offers an excellent fit with little chairside adjustment. The KZR® Solid is precision-milled and hand-finished by an expert ceramist. Our full contour crown is a premium monolithic restoration at an affordable price.

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KZR® Layered

Choose KZR® Layered for cases that not only require fit and function but esthetics as well. KZR® Layered is Kairo’s signature porcelain fused to zirconia restoration. It elegantly balances a digitally designed coping with hand-layered porcelain.

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KZR® Anterior

KZR® Anterior is our premier monolithic zirconia restoration for the anterior region. Our KZR® Anterior zirconia has been developed to provide translucency comparable to lithium disilicate. It provides the same outstanding staining and durability properties seen in our KZR Bruxer restorations.

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IPS e.max® Press

IPS e.max® Press restorations provide the strongest, most esthetic lithium disilicate crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays available. This all-ceramic restoration has proven esthetic and durability history at Kairos.

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Foil Veneers

We offer both IPS e.max® veneers and platinum foil veneers. Our platinum foil ceramic veneers are the ideal restoration for cases requiring minimal preparation (0.2-0.3mm). Our porcelain foil veneers exhibit excellent vitality and adaptability.

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IPS e.max® Veneers

We offer both foil veeners and IPS e.max® veneers. Our e.max® veneers are our best selling veneers. They offer unparalled beauty and vitality. They are the ideal restoration for cases requiring high esthetics.

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