Mouthguards & Vacuum Appliances

Mouthguards & Vacuum Appliances Overview

Night guards and other vacuum form appliance are used to help with bruxism and help relieve TMJ discomfort. Kairos Dental Lab offers a full range of vacuum appliances, depending on the severity of the symptoms. We have been making vacuum appliances for over 13 years.

Our mouthguards & vacuum appliance selection includes:

  • Sport Guards
  • Bleaching Trays
  • Essix Retainers
  • Soft Type Nigh Guards
  • Gelb Splint
  • Standard Splint (Hard Acrylic Night Guard)
  • Hard/Soft Night Guard
  • Talon Night Guard
full cast crowns and brdiges

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  • Bruxism or clenching
  • Durable: Protect natural teeth and restorations from the damaging effects of parafunction.
  • Comfortable: Soft interior provides maximum comfort to increase patient compliance.
  • Cost-Effective: Increase case acceptance with low lab fee.
  • Biocompatible co-polyester
  • D 7880 - Occlusal Orthotic Device, by report
  • D 9940 - Occlusal Guard, by report
  • D 8210 - Removable Habit Appliance
  • D 7880 - Orthotic Appliance
  • CPT 21110-52 - Interdental Fixation Device

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