Send Us Your Next Case

Submitting your case to Kairos Dental Lab is an easy and streamlined process.

We provide everything you need from Rx forms to shipping resources.

Dental Lab Shipping Box

1. Download, print and complete a prescription form.

Fixed Rx Form
Removable Rx Form
Ortho Rx Form
Implant Rx Form

2. Pack Your Case

1. Always pour alginate impressions in stone before shipping to the lab.
2. Separate multiple impressions to prevent breakage.
3. Secure bites, crowns or other small items in a small bag or container.
4. Pack with foam and enclose the prescription.
5. Make sure contents are secure and won't shift.
6. Seal box securely with packing tape and attach air bill or mailing label.

3. Print and attach a FREE UPS Label

Click Here to print a FREE UPS Label

4. Call Us or UPS to Schedule a Pick-Up

Call us at 1-877-452-4767 to schedule a pick-up or if you're too busy to call for a pick-up and would rather use our website, you may complete the form below and your request will arranged by one of our friendly staff members. If you are not a local account, you may request a pick-up with UPS here or call 1-800-PICKUPS to schedule a UPS Pickup!

Call our friendly team at (877) 4-KAIROS to find out more!

Kairos is committed to providing the highest quality dental laboratory products possible.